The gifts of our supporterss enable us to carry out ministry in the university setting.  The Memphis Annual Conference provides some support, and we are grateful. But, we rely heavily on the generosity of our friends and alumni to help us meet our regular needs and to make some small provision for inevitable surprises.  Your financial contribution can be disignated in a couple of ways.

We have two ministry funds at Wesley.  One is our programming budget. The cost of carrying on our day-to-day work comes from this fund. Our utilities, upkeep, paying for student activities and keeping our building supplied with daily necessaries is paid for by our programming budget. 

 Our second fund is the Clarence O. Hampton Memorial Endowment Fund. "Hamp" was the founding director of the ministry that became The Wesley Foundation. Our chapel is named in his honor. We have designed the Endowment Fund to build up a principal that will help insure ongoing ministry here at Wesley. As is the case with most such funds, we never touch the principal, and the interest will become available to us only when the fund reaches $100,000. We are about half-way there as of this writing.

Donate via PayPal

The Wesley Foundation could not carry on the work we do without your continued support. You can donate to our ministry funds via PayPal by clicking the donate button below and following the instructions on the next page.