Posted on January 23rd, 2018

We have a need at Wesley

A lot of people help our ministry go.  Our Board of Directors, Volunteer Cooks, Donors and Campus Minister do their part.  But there's something else.


And we need interns.

Our student interns are vitally important to our work.  Their encapsulated job description is "make this ministry go."  To flesh that out a bit, sometimes that job is to set up tables.  But often, we call on these students to assess need, design program, implement activity and evaluate effectiveness.  The interns reflect our ministry emphasis on developing student leadership.

Wesley Intern is a paid position, open to any student -- whether they are enrolled at the U of M, Southwest, Rhodes, CBU or elsewhere.

Are you interested in our work?  Do you know someone who would make a _great_ intern?  Get in touch with Wesley in any of the ways listed in the "Contact Us" Tab.

With a little help, we're going to have a great semester.


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